ComboTech specializes in installing, maintaining and troubleshooting fiber optics works, communications’ systems and remote hubs and power facilities. To achieve these, we need to be up-to-date with the most current technological developments. In keeping pace with these, we are constantly improving our infrastructure.

So, today, we are proud to feature:

A solid technical network expanding all over Greece “] Technical work teams all over the country (in our payroll and not outsourced), with a high level of expertise and specialization, privately owned technical means and vehicles, fully equipped technical work teams, able to act in any point within Greece.

The CT Support™ Platform“]Our own exclusive, totally custom-built CRM software. The «CT Support» software has been literally created from scratch and governs all the phases of our daily operations: from assigning tasks to technicians, to supervising our warehouse and our invoicing procedures. It is totally web-based, allowing for easy and remote access from any place there is an internet connection available.

A GPS-based project assignment platform“] Working alongside a Fleet Management system, so as to minimize the response time and group tasks by location-based criteria, satisfying any immediate projects that might arise, but at the same time maintaining total control over quality and response time.

A complete telephony and internet access system“] A state-of-the-art communication platform, using leased lines for internet, dedicated servers for email/backup/databases and a digital “Asterisk” telephony center, accompanied by a GSM telephony backup system for cases of emergency. And all these, housed in our own premises, directly supervised and controlled by our own in-house technicians.

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