Telephony & Broadband Satellite Systems

The use of satellite systems in the areas of home television (via Pay/Subscribers TV) and internet access (through the so-called “Satellite Broadband”), expands day by day, offering solutions to business needs as well as home entertainment.

ComboTech carries out complex installations of satellite receivers to business premises, with multiple viewing spots and the ability to access various satellite bouquets. Such installations are mostly seen in cafés, hotels, boats etc.

In addition to these, it installs satellite broadband links, ensuring that there is internet access even in the most remote places, in areas where no land lines exist. ComboTech makes sure that modern business is connected to the web, irrespectively of where they operate.

At a household level, more and more families choose the Pay/Subscribers’ TV solution for their in-house entertainment, while families located in remote (mainly rural) areas install satellite systems to allow them to access the internet so as to read the news and access their emails, their social networks, and their online purchases.

ComboTech sets up decoders and transponders, upgrades existing multi-view installations, installs systems for improving terrestrial reception (i.e. digital antennas) and finally establishes links to more than one satellite, so as to view additional bouquets (i.e. Hotbird – Astra – Eutelsat).

Contact us and let us suggest the best way to access satellite television for your home and broadband access for your business, or just let us improve your terrestrial reception and transfer the TV signal to other areas of your premises.

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Telephony & Broadband Satellite Systems

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