Infrastructure & Network Maintenance


With a group of infrastructure technicians, electricity workers, and mechanics, ComboTech can provide services of preventive and corrective support to:

  • business technical facilities
  • remote technical venues
  • telecommunication hubs, remote cabins and generally
  • wherever there are facilities that require regular maintenance, such as:
    • power generators,
    • air conditioners,
    • land-line terminals,
    • network facilities (racks, servers, etc.)

Operating mainly on a contract basis, as well as per-case, ComboTech carries out preliminary checks and proposes the optimum solutions to the client, so as to avoid future issues. At the same time, our company takes corrective actions, even within pre-agreed service response time limit, if the nature of the client requires so.

Our work teams, based in all major Greek cities, enable us to undertake projects all over Greece, even in the most remote areas of the country.

Contact us and find out how we can assist you in maintaining your facilities.

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