The Company

ComboTech offers specialized technical services on the installation and maintenance of fiber optics, communication and internet technologies, and satellite systems.

Using highly trained and certified personnel, advanced technical means and a full range of equipment, we offer services in fiber optics, business, and household communication, internet access and entertainment systems. In addition to these, we also undertake telecommunication hubs’ and networks’ facilities installation and maintenance, even in the most remote places in Greece. At present, our company is one of the largest providers of such services in the country, featuring local presence and significant projects in all of Greece’s major cities.

ComboTech is a reliable business partner you need!

ComboTech was formed in 2007, by a team of communication professionals, with a clear vision: to create a company that would become the top service provider in the broader telecommunication sector, fiber optics, satellite reception systems, and technical support.

Gradually, the first technicians were hired, to staff the company’s “front line”. In a short period of time, these technicians reached 60 all over Greece and visited more than 150.000 businesses and households! All our technicians feature at least 5 years of experience in their field of expertise, while we cover the whole spectrum of the technologies associated with communication, infrastructure, and technical facilities.

By maintaining a solid client-centered mentality in all of our operations, we have succeeded in creating not only an extended and strong clientele portfolio, but also in supporting a large network of technical facilities and infrastructure not seen on any other company of our field.

ComboTech is proud to offer specialized services – in both business as well as end-user level – which suit the whole spectrum of modern communication technologies and technical support.

Our highly trained personnel and advanced technical means allow us to render services directly linked to the fiber optics technology, business, and household communication, internet access and telecommunication hubs’ maintenance. Right now, ComboTech is one of the largest contractors of such services in Greece, with a presence and significant projects in all major Greek cities.

With our own technical work teams and telecommunication technicians all over Greece – each with a minimum proven experience of at least five years – and a solid support tea, all working alongside with:

  • a fully automated “hot-line” support system
  • a completely custom-made project/CRM software, dealing with clients, deadlines, and projects, all the way down to inventory, logistics and invoicing
  • an extended database with a complete illustration of the needs and special conditions of each client we have visited,

ComboTech carries out even the most demanding business projects, from the simplest needs of an end-user, up to the most challenging projects of business clients.

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