Facilities & Technical Support

ComboTech offers services throughout the whole spectrum of business technical support, from installing infrastructure elements to supervising them via maintenance contracts. The overall aim is to concentrate all of the business’ needs to a single partner, a single solution, so as to ensure the smooth running of daily operations.

ComboTech’s technical teams:

    • Head to client’s premises and carry out a preliminary study of the infrastructure, so as to suggest the optimal solution
    • Install structured power wiring in the client’s premises and certify the installation with the corresponding measurement devices
    • Place and set up business PC networks and undertake their supervision
    • Install and maintain state-of-the-art telephony switchboards and upgrade – where possible – the existing telephony systems

In addition to these, ComboTech renders high-level services of hardware/software technical support:

    • «Clean» and reinstall (if needed) original operating systems, following a problem (virus, disk problem, power failure etc.)
    • Take back-up of the files and hand it over in any form of optical means the client requires
    • Set up household networks and shared resources (common files, printers’ sharing, setting up routers etc.)

Install Office Suite, other applications and setup account for cloud computing and storage.

Contact us and see how we can help you in your daily problems, how we can save you time and reach your equipment to its full extent.

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